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Submission Terms For 1-800 Canada Directory

Please Follow These Terms and Guidelines:

  • To submit to a top-level category you must pay for a featured listing.
  • Try to submit your business to the most appropriate category.
  • Do not keyword spam your title or description.
  • Do not submit adult, warez, and/or other types of websites that may be illegal in Canada. This business directory does not and will not list pharmacies outside of Canada, gambling, sports betting, or open torrent websites.
  • Website submissions must be written in English or French. Your website can be in a different language, but please make your description here in English and/or French.

This directory allows for much longer descriptions than most directories. This is better for both the directory AND your listing. So make the most of it, but don't repeat the same sentences more than once, nor list a string of keywords or spaces. And take advantage of the address listing - it can lead to more customers coming through your front door!

1-800 Canada reserves the right to deny any submission. Your money will be refunded.

Click here for a complete guide for submitting to website directories. Following this guide will help ensure your submission is the best it can be.

All edits of your business listing in the directory are free for 90 days after publication. After 90 days there is a $5 fee to edit a listing.
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